Akihide Nakachi Captures The Essence Of Human Closeness In Debut Collection

While most contemporary designers focus on function and practicality in developing their clothing lines, Japanese designer Akihide Nakachi’s philosophy in creating clothes is galvanised by “things that are invisible to the eye”. A Psychology graduate prior to being taken under the wings of iconic labels, Yohji Yamamoto and COMME des GARÇONS, Nakachi’s introspection on clothing stretches beyond what is physical or practical. Such is the case with his debut collection, you are (were) here, a conceptual line of outerwear, suits, and dresses that are meant to be worn by two people at once.

you are (were) here encapsulates intimacy from loved ones and the emptiness of being alone with the very fabric of its pieces. Individuals sharing the same piece of clothing as partners feel human closeness both in the physical and mental sense. The same can be said when one’s partner slips out of a piece and the lone person finds themself in a coat that is too big for one, feeling the empty spaces in the excess fabric of the clothing. 

Nakachi’s collection not only captures these intangible ideals, but also sheds light on the universality of loneliness and an individual’s empathetic drive to put oneself in another’s place, even if that would literally mean being in the same jacket with someone else.

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Owie Portillo