The Boys Are Moving On

3 years, 5 collections, 3 brands, and 2 websites later, we find ourselves back where we first started. This time around, we’re going to do it right.

Back in 2015, the 6 of us got together to start our own retail concept. We wanted to make something that encapsulated our individual identities in a medium we were all very fond of: clothing. A few months of planning led to the creation of boy in transit, named as such because we believed in constant growth and movement. We wanted to make room for organic change.

What was supposed to be a store initially launched as a clothing brand under the girl in transit monicker. Working with a renowned roster of creatives allowed us to release one collection after another, continuously challenging ourselves by pushing the boundaries of local independent clothing. We couldn’t settle for being just another t-shirt brand. The problem with that approach is none of us had legitimate or significant industry experience.

Each attempt at doing something different became increasingly difficult as unfamiliar problems mounted. Issues with sourcing, production, pricing, etc. resulted in significant delays that restricted our agency. Just trying to keep things together and the business afloat got in the way of our creative process. Things didn’t feel as natural as they used to. The pieces we ended up releasing didn’t feel as authentic as we wanted them to be.

It took a lot to finally admit our shortcomings. We realized these a lot later than we’d like to admit and, truth be told, we weren’t even sure if we’d still be around today. But one thing we were sure of was that it wasn’t too late to remedy the situation.  Most brands aren’t as lucky.

So we’re forgoing being a clothing brand in place of something we feel is more aligned with our individual competencies. From this point on, transit is officially a multidisciplinary retail design concept. Instead of spreading ourselves thin with tasks we’ve little knowledge of, we’ll focus our efforts towards promoting a conversation that feels less foreign.

Does this mean we’re ceasing the clothing line? Yes... but not really.

Rather, we’ll be expanding the product line to accommodate a wider variety of items. So yes, we’ll still be making t-shirts, jackets, and other pieces. What we aren’t doing is restricting ourselves to just these.

More than merchandise, however, is the greater narrative we hope to share with you all in the coming weeks. In the essence of genuine thought leadership, we intend to champion local design through stories, interviews, features, and events while working towards a greater goal.

The last few years have been filled with countless lessons and experiences. Here’s to growing more and getting better.


With gratitude,

Matt, Sean, Vinch, Owie, Rex and Janus

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